Jean Claude Chalhoub, CcUFA - Lebanon | Viadeo

Jean Claude Chalhoub, CcUFA - Lebanon | Viadeo

Business Leader

Jean Claude Chalhoub (, after getting started with his father's company and studying each and every aspect of the organisation as a member of staff, was selected by his father to assist him in running the business. The business was further enhanced when Jean Claude Chalhoub entered into unexplored regions, such as France, Canada and Latin America. His excellent leadership abilities and his success in generating development promise the long-term success of the business. With an eye on extended success, he established several additional chains of the organisation.

His Family Background

Jean Claude Chalhoub’s business spans multiple countries on most continents. In view of the head-start his childhood gave him, he is well-equipped to take care of all elements found in the corporate setting. Presently, Chalhoub runs and directs the company that provides insurance and reinsurance which was formed and established by his father during the late 1940's. Jean Claude Chalhoub had the benefit of being born to a family that had a respected cultural and corporate background.

Educational Experience

Jean Claude Chalhoub's learning began in Egypt, where he carried on his schooling and then went on to study for his economics degree in France. He is capable of establishing strong relationships and understanding customers because of his learning and familiarity with the languages that most of his clients use. His father and mother coming from not one but two unique backgrounds aided Jean Claude Chalhoub in making use of their different cultures and languages, learning from their separate areas of knowledge.

The Hobbies of Jean Claude Chalhoub's

Jean Claude Chalhoub loves obtaining antiques and wines. The marvels in the planet captivate him. In order to see them for himself, he often journeys abroad. Yet another of his hobbies is sailing. He owns his own boats that he often sails, particularly far out at sea. Outside of his professional activities, Jean Claude Chalhoub takes part in numerous recreational pastimes.